Our Mission

Get you into the hotel you need.

Dylan Loch


Miko Borys

Co-Founder & CTO

Our Story

Hi!  We’re Miko Borys and Dylan Loch.

We're two guys who became fed-up with the inconvenience, wasted-time and stress involved with getting into hotels during busy periods. We came together in 2013, after Dylan had an especially irksome experience booking a hotel for his anniversary. Dylan found Miko – who had already built a similar tool for Virginia Tech that would alert students when classes had an open seat.

We started with just Marriot hotels in 2013. Since then we’ve received countless emails from our users about how our service saved them...

... and asking us to support more hotels.

Today, we support over 1.5 million hotels of virtually all the accomodation brands in every country. It’s our users and the feedback that keeps us going. We will continue doing our best to turn the fully-booked hotel problem on it's head, making the experience as painless and easy as possible for everyone. In the post-2013 world, no one should have to call an unsympathetic booking desk daily, or mindlessly refresh a webpage to see if the “book” button appears.

In today’s world, we have Hotel Alerts.