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Your service was awesome. I was looking for that night for weeks with no luck. Once I got the email, I jumped on and was able to reserve it!

Elana Horowitz

...a much needed service. Ingenious idea.


New favorite travel app: Didn't think I had a chance at booking anything at a fully booked hotel, but voila! @HotelRoomAlerts to the rescue.

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Book With Your Choice

Book with anyone. You can even book with a brand you have rewards with. You manage your own booking (eg. Marriot,, Hilton, etc.)

A better hotel

Optimize Your Accommodation

Set-up alerts even if you already have something booked to see if you can get something better. Maybe we'll find you a hotel with a pool at a better price!


Partial Availability

We'll let you know when any day within your intended stay becomes available. You can book each day separately as they become available to maximize your chances of getting in!

Over 1.8 Million Hotels

We're constantly growing our hotel database. We combine our inventory from several sources.

Contact us if you still can't find the hotel you need.

No Hidden Fees

There's no cost and no catch. We send you alerts and if you book through our links, we get a tiny commission. You have no obligation to book through our affiliate links.

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